Eddie Slinin: Post Sandy Life In NYC


Another hurricane season has come and gone, but the effects of last year’s Hurricane Sandy on the greater New York/New Jersey area is still fresh in their minds.  Hurricane Sandy, which struck in the end of October 2012, caused billions of dollars in damage, and destroyed hundreds of homes, businesses, and brought New York City to a standstill.  Storm surges ... Read More »

Ed Slinin has Your Solution for Holiday Sightseeing


About 50 million people visit New York City every year. This year The Big Apple expects to welcome more visitors than ever, and while braving the subway system can provide a sense of adventure and novelty it can become overwhelming for a first time visitor. This Holiday Season, let Ed Slinin and Corporate Transportation Group take you to all the ... Read More »

Ed Slinin: Things to Consider Before Hiring a Limousine Service


Many people get excited at the prospect of riding in a limousine, but there are some questions that you should ask before making a final decision as to which service to hire. Whether you are planning a special night out or you need a larger vehicle for transporting a group, there is something for everyone in the transportation industry. But ... Read More »

Ed Slinin: Make Taking a Group on the Road More Fun

Stretch Limo

The traditional limousine is great for a group of about five to ride comfortably, but more and more people are looking to take large groups on the road. For this reason, the transportation industry has developed opulent large vehicles that make taking a group on the road more fun. These buses or vans are the ultimate in luxury and convenience ... Read More »

Eddie Slinin: New Technological Advances for the Transportation Industry


The transportation industry is huge, and because of this it can have a major effect on the environment. Some of the biggest technological innovations revealed at the annual BusCon Expo in Chicago are geared towards helping the transportation industry reduce its impact on the planet. Industry leaders such as Ed Slinin already do as much as they can to make ... Read More »

Eduard Slinin Explains The Best Time To Get A Limo


We love to celebrate big events.  The bigger the event, the bigger splash we want to make.  We rent out the best spaces, bring in the best food, and surround ourselves with our favorite people.  Traditions grow out of this, and many have stuck around for a good long while, without any signs they might be going anywhere anytime soon. ... Read More »

Eddie Slinin: Staying Ahead of the Game in Tough Economic Times

In tough economic times, it’s difficult to stay ahead of the game and continue to thrive as a business. But many business leaders like Eddie Slinin are embracing the challenges. Mr. Slinin’s transportation business – Corporate Transportation Group – is continuing to succeed even in the face of an uncertain economic atmosphere, providing transportation services nationwide and creating jobs for ... Read More »

Eddie Slinin: New York’s Most Iconic Nightlife Venues

The City that Never Sleeps is known for its exceptional nighttime attractions. Exploring some of New York’s most iconic nightlife venues is an exciting way to experience the city. There is something for everybody, and you will find exactly what you are in the mood for when you head out for a night in the Big Apple. Lani Kai in ... Read More »

Above the Board: Eduard Slinin Espouses Business Ethics

They say the best measure of a man is how he treats others.  Taking advantage of those that you are in a position to gain something from is easy, especially for powerful people.  But truly great men and women know that what really matters is how we conduct ourselves in the affairs of our lives, and that honesty and fair ... Read More »

Ed Slinin: Amp Up Your Bachelorette Party

Your bachelorette party should be something unforgettable. It is a fun night that you get to spend with your closest girlfriends, so amp up your bachelorette party with some amazing party ideas. Don’t just do the same old same old. Go out for a night that no one will ever forget. The best way to have fun for a bachelorette ... Read More »